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Not all drivers adhere to Pennsylvania auto insurance laws

Consider the following scenario. You are driving along, minding your own business, when another vehicle seems to come out of nowhere and slams into yours. Whether you attempt to exchange information at the scene or find out later, you discover that the other driver doesn't have auto insurance, or only has the minimum amount of liability coverage allowed under Pennsylvania law.

What kind of Pennsylvania auto insurance do you need?

Driving can be expensive these days. First, you need a license and a car. Then you need auto insurance. You may already know that Pennsylvania law requires you to carry a certain minimum amount of insurance, but you may not know that you have an option that could make a big difference if you suffer injuries in an accident.

Don't forget the fine print re statutes of limitations

If you were injured in a Pennsylvania car accident, life as you knew it may have changed forever, especially if your injuries left you with a permanent disability. If you were able to obtain appropriate medical care and ongoing assistance as needed, then perhaps your recovery time was not too lengthy or arduous. Even minor injuries and short recovery periods can be very stressful beyond any emotional trauma you may have experienced in a collision.

Have you been asked to participate in an IME?

After suffering serious injuries in an accident, you need time to focus on your recovery and learn to live with any permanent damage. The last thing you need is someone questioning the severity, nature and truth of your injuries. However, when you file a personal injury claim, the other side may ask these questions.

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