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Scranton Workplace Injury Lawyer

Suffering a workplace injury can be a serious setback, leading you with dozens of questions about what happens next and who will pay for your losses. Our Scranton workplace injury lawyers at the law office of Haggerty Hinton & Cosgrove LLP can assist you in understanding your rights and taking action.

Common Workplace Injuries

The types of injuries that workers are most at risk of varies dramatically from industry to industry. For example, healthcare workers are at a higher risk of patient violence-related injuries than are those in the construction injury; construction injury workers are at a greater risk of falls from heights than are those in the healthcare industry, etc. Some of the most common workplace injuries suffered by employees in various industries include: 

  • Slip and fall injuries. Slip and falls are a leading cause of injuries in the workplace, and can affect workers across a broad range of injury types.
  • Electrocution injuries. Electrocution injuries are most common amongst electricians and those in the construction industry. These injuries can be very serious, leading to fatal harm.
  • Machinery and equipment injuries. Workers who work with large machines and equipment are at a high risk of machinery and equipment-related injuries, including crush injuries and being caught in or caught in-between injuries.
  • Motor vehicle accident injuries.A motor vehicle accident injury can affect construction workers, drivers, and workers in other industry types.
  • Repetitive stress injuries. Caused by performing the same motion for a prolonged amount of time, repetitive stress injuries can cause harm to various parts of the body, and may affect everyone from warehouse workers to office workers to manual laborers and more.

Back and neck injuries, as well as injuries to extremities, are also injury types that affect workers in myriad different jobs. All of the types of accidents and resulting injuries can create hurdles for an employee in terms of disability and ability to work.

Workers’ Compensation: An Overview

Workers who are injured on the job are likely eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation, which is required in Scranton, is a type of no-fault insurance program that shields employers from personal liability for injuries, and in exchange provides workers with compensation for their medical expenses and a portion of their lost wages. In order to recover workers’ compensation benefits, an injured worker must establish that their injury occurred while they were at work or performing a work-related task. 

Can I File a Lawsuit?

Many employees who suffer workplace injuries wonder whether or not they can bring forth a lawsuit for damages against their employer. The answer is usually no; you may be able to bring a suit if your employer fails to carry workers’ compensation and is required to do so, retaliates you for exercising your right to file a suit, or the employer intentionally caused you harm. Otherwise, you are barred from filing suit against an employer.

But you may be able to bring forth a third-party liability claim for damages, which is a negligence-based claim filed against a third party. For example, if your injuries would not have occurred but for a defective piece of machinery, a claim against the manufacturer of the machinery may be appropriate.

Call Our Scranton Workplace Injury Lawyers Today

Our Scranton workplace injury lawyers are passionate about helping you recover compensation after being harmed at work. For your free consultation, please call us directly or send us a message today. We will put your needs first.

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