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Scranton Repetitive Trauma Injury Lawyer

Not all injuries are the result of acute accidents that happen suddenly and unexpectedly. In fact, some injuries occur over the course of time, and are the result of repetitive trauma, stress, strain, or motion. While these injuries can be serious, painful, and disabling for workers, they are often dismissed by employers as inconsequential.

At the law office of Haggerty Hinton & Cosgrove LLP, our Scranton repetitive trauma injury lawyers are prepared to help you file your workers’ compensation claim after suffering a repetitive trauma injury. Please call us today to learn how we can help.

Understanding Repetitive Trauma Injuries 

Johns Hopkins Medicine explains that a repetitive trauma injury refers to a temporary or permanent injury to a muscle, nerve, ligament, or tendon that is caused by performing the same motion over and over again. A repetitive stress injury may result in:

  • Pain;
  • Numbness;
  • Loss of motion and flexibility;
  • Clumsiness; and
  • Loss of strength.

While a repetitive stress injury can theoretically occur at nearly any part of the body where there is muscle, nerve, ligament, or tendon, the hands and wrists are at particular risk of injury. In fact, carpal tunnel syndrome, which occurs when the nerve in the wrist is compressed, is one of the most common repetitive stress injuries. Other common injury sites are the back and neck.

Treatment for a Repetitive Stress Injury

A person who is suffering from a repetitive trauma injury may suffer from such pain and disability that they require medical treatment, rehabilitation, and are unable to work for a certain amount of time. While treatment will vary depending on the injury site and extent of harm, some treatment options for these injury types include:

  • Occupational therapy;
  • Surgery;
  • Pain management treatment;
  • Use of a brace or splint;
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medications;
  • Changes in activity;
  • Use of heat and cold; and
  • More.

Your Right to Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance is not just available to those who are injured in acute accidents, but also those who suffer harm, repetitive stress, and occupational diseases as a result of their job-related activities. However, proving that your repetitive stress injury is a result of your job, and not your personal activities outside of work, can be difficult. For example, if you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and use a computer at home as well as at work, your employer may try to deny your claim based on this fact.

Our lawyers can help you to prove causation and the connection between your job-related tasks and your injury. We can also help you to file your workers’ compensation claim, appeal a denied claim, and understand your right to benefits.

Call Our Scranton Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Today 

Workers’ compensation insurance is in place to ensure that workers harmed during the course of the work-related activities get compensation for the medical expenses and lost wages. For a free consultation with our Scranton repetitive trauma injury lawyers today, please send us a message or call us directly. We are ready to start working for you.

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