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Monthly Archives: January 2019


Can I Sue My Employer if I was Injured at Work?

By Haggerty Hinton & Cosgrove LLP |

When a person becomes injured and they believe someone else was at fault for the accident, they often wonder if they can file a lawsuit against the at-fault party. A lawsuit can provide compensation for injury-related expenses such as medical bills, loss of income, and more. However, pursuing a personal injury lawsuit is generally… Read More »

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The Basics of Creating a Will in Pennsylvania

By Haggerty Hinton & Cosgrove LLP |

At first glance, writing a will may seem very easy. You know what assets you have, you know who you’d like them to go to after you pass away, and all you have to do is write it down. While this is the most basic way to write a will, the process can become… Read More »

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Understanding Laws Regarding Slip and Falls in Pennsylvania

By Haggerty Hinton & Cosgrove LLP |

Slip and falls may not seem like major accidents, but they happen more often than people think. When they do, people can become seriously injured. Slip and fall accidents can lead to brain injuries, broken bones, paralysis, and more. When people slip and fall on someone’s property and become seriously injured, they may be… Read More »

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Answers to Common Social Security Disability Questions

By Haggerty Hinton & Cosgrove LLP |

When someone sustains a severe injury or contracts a long-term illness that makes them unable to work for an extended period, they may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Individuals that are disabled or retired may also be able to receive SSD in addition to their retirement… Read More »

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By Haggerty Hinton & Cosgrove LLP |

Tractor-Trailer/Large Truck accidents in Pennsylvania must be handled immediately by an experienced law firm from the very beginning of the claim in order to protect your right to receive a just recovery for your injuries. The injuries resulting from a truck accident are usually more severe and extensive. Truck accidents are different from other… Read More »

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Who Can Serve as an Executor in Pennsylvania?

By Haggerty Hinton & Cosgrove LLP |

An executor, or personal representative, named in a will has a very important job. They must manage a deceased’s estate, including any debts and taxes that need to be paid, and then distribute what is left to the beneficiaries also named in the will. All states have certain rules pertaining to who can be… Read More »

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