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Don’t forget the fine print re statutes of limitations

If you were injured in a Pennsylvania car accident, life as you knew it may have changed forever, especially if your injuries left you with a permanent disability. If you were able to obtain appropriate medical care and ongoing assistance as needed, then perhaps your recovery time was not too lengthy or arduous. Even minor injuries and short recovery periods can be very stressful beyond any emotional trauma you may have experienced in a collision.

Emotional damage often intensifies following a car accident if another driver’s negligence was a causal factor. If you were hit by a drunk driver for instance, or were suddenly struck by a car that veered over the centerline of traffic when someone was texting behind the wheel, you’ll likely replay the events over and over again in your mind as you struggle to achieve as full a recovery as possible.

If an injury claim is part of your recovery

It’s understandable that you’d want to pursue compensation for damages if a negligent driver causes you to suffer injury in a motor vehicle collision. Some people aren’t aware that there are statutes of limitations governing the injury claim process, which means that you only have a certain amount of time to file a claim. Following, is a list of basic facts regarding the personal injury statute of limitations in this state that may help you avoid problems:

  • No matter what a particular time limitation happens to be, the timing typically begins from the moment you realize you are injured. This is important because many types of injuries do not immediately present symptoms after an accident. If you go back to work and start to experience symptoms a week or more after a collision, the statutes governing your situation would begin from the time you became aware of your injury, not necessarily the date of the accident.
  • Pennsylvania personal injury statute of limitations is typically two years.
  • Where minor accident injury victims are concerned, different rules often apply.

It can take a long time to achieve a full recovery after you’ve been in a car accident. In the meantime, you might miss a lot of work time or even lose your job if your injuries prevent you from returning to the workplace in a timely manner. Some Pennsylvania accident victims have trouble making ends meet when they no longer have regular income and are hit with incoming medical bills.

If you fall into this category and need help determining how best to proceed to seek legal accountability against the negligent motorist who caused the accident that resulted in your injury, you can discuss your situation with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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