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Know your insurance and these safety practices in case of an accident

You purchase insurance for your vehicle because you have to. You also do it to protect yourself. You never imagine that you will get in an accident. Unfortunately, accidents happen. In 2016 nearly 40,000 people died in car accidents. It was one of the deadliest years for drivers in almost a decade. Pennsylvania has specific car insurance requirements that are unique to the state.

What does your declarations page say?

If you've ever had a conversation with one of your Pennsylvania friends about automobile insurance, you're likely familiar with a common misconception regarding this topic. Either you or someone you know might be among many who mistakenly believe car insurance follows drivers, when, in fact, this is not exactly so. It's more correct to say that an insurance policy follows a particular vehicle, not the people covered under the policy, per se. Sound confusing? That's okay, because it is rather complicated.

Be proactive after a car accident

You may have seen the lights in your rearview mirror. You thought that they were a little close to your bumper and may have tapped a warning with your brakes. Unfortunately, your flashing lights did nothing to increase the distance between your car and the tailgater's vehicle, and traffic may have prevented you from removing yourself from the driver's path. As you had been observing the car's proximity, you may not have been surprised by the resulting collision.

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