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Understanding Liability For Property Injuries

Under the law, Pennsylvania property owners have a duty to those who enter their property to make sure that there are no hazardous conditions on the premises that could cause injury.

There are countless instances that can classify as a hazardous condition, including:

  • Frayed carpeting
  • Escalators with defective steps
  • Uneven surfaces in a parking lot
  • Icy surfaces on a walkway
  • Stairways with broken steps or railings
  • Malfunctioning automatic doors

These types of hazards can occur in hotels, grocery stores, retail outlets, office buildings, bars, restaurants, churches, amusement parks, community swimming pools and other types of property.

In the event you are injured because of a hazard the property owner or manager knew about or should have known about, that owner could be liable under the theory of premises liability.

Inadequate Security

Property owners who fail to implement adequate security measures could also be liable for those who are injured as a result. An assault in a dimly lit parking lot or being robbed in a bar bathroom are a couple of examples.

Decades Of Combined Experience To Help You

Proving a property owner was negligent, however, is no easy task and should only be handled by an experienced attorney equipped to handle such cases.

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We know what's needed to win and the defenses often utilized by the opposing party.

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